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When in Threat, Activate Panic Mode

An ultra-secure mechanism that ensures the protection of the user's cryptocurrency assets, even in the most extreme threatful situations. For instance, when a user is encountered by a third party who demands access to the wallet against the will of the user, resisting in such situations might backfire and get potentially risky for the user.


When is it required?

Complying with the third party would mean that the user would have to launch the application on their device and unwillingly give access to the original wallet consisting of all their cryptocurrency assets, leaving them vulnerable to the third party. 


What happens on activating Panic Mode?

Instead, had the user's wallet been secured by a safety feature called Panic Mode, then the user could maintain their calm in an otherwise stressful situation.

Why Panic Mode is Necessary?

It makes sure that no one can unwillingly access the original wallet of the user containing their holdings and private blockchain assets information. 

Quadriga CX cannot retrieve about C$ 190

Other Services

Key Assure allows user to recover their cryptocurrency holdings if they have lost their keys or in the event of unwilful access of their accounts by brute force.

Key Assure


Crypto Inheritance


You are insured with a legal contract which does not require your private key, but still makes sure that your worthy crypto-assets are passed to the next of your kin.

Secure your crypto today.

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