Best-in-Class Secured Custody Solution

Built for exchanges and organizations, Bitwill's Secured Custody provides an insured, industry-standard and military-grade security service for safely keeping your digital assets.


Why Secured Custody?

Bitwill's secure access management system is powered by a patent-pending and proprietary technology. You are insured with a legal contract which does not require your private key, but still makes sure that your worthy crypto-assets are secure and safely stored with Bitwill's military grade service.

What is Bitwill's Trust - Free Custodian?

  • Trust-Free Custodial service by Bitwill is World's First Proprietary method of safekeeping corporate Crypto assets, without keeping the Private Key till the entire custodial duration.
  • With the Trust-Free safekeeping system, we at Bitwill can reimburse the crypto-assets according to the scheduled payment period securely and without any exposure of Private-Key in the entire online system to safeguard the Crypto Assets from all the End Points.
  • With Bitwill Custodial service, Bitwill acts as a third party authenticator and reimburses the funds to the users according to their pre-scheduled withdrawal / transfer plan mentioned in the contract.

Why prefer a Custodian solution?

Since holding absolute control of Crypto Assets is a higher security risk for Blockchain-based businesses, generally, it is highly recommended to opt for an access management solution and share access with custodians with highly controlled and auditable policies and protocols to keep the Crypto assets secured from getting hack, lost, stolen or forced to transfer against free will.

How it is different from other Custodian Services?

Bitwill's Custodial Wallet DOES NOT KEEP THE POSSESSION OF PRIVATE KEY the entire time. Hence it is impossible to take the Crypto Assets, hacked out of Bitwill's Safekeeper's eco-system.

Is it Insured?

YES, Every Single Bit which is Stored in Bitwill Custodial Vault, is Insured by Bitwill and anytime Bitwill fails to reimburse the funds to the users, Bitwill is liable to bear and compensate the equivalent market value as a commitment to our users.

How Bitwill keeps Security of my Custodian Wallet?

  • We at Bitwill highly respect the security protocol and privacy. To make sure, Crypto Assets never leave our custodial ecosystem, Bitwill's Proprietary Safe Keeper Engine immediately DESTROYS the PRIVATE KEY once it manages all the access protocol for Bitcoin Transaction.
  • We Keep Multiple copies of the Custodian Data in different secured storage facilities, fully encrypted offline databases, and all the storage locations with military-grade security.
  • Upon the User's Pre Decided withdrawal schedule, Bitwill's Safekeeper Engine ensures timely reimbursement to our users.

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Key Assure​

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Bitwill does not store your private key, yet recovers your money in case of a mishappening.