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Crypto Inheritance Solutions for Heirs

Insure your crypto assets from misfortunes in the most secure way, that is, without sharing your private key.


Why Crypto Inheritance?

Bitwill's secure access management system is powered by a patent-pending and proprietary technology. You are insured with a legal contract which does not require your private key, but still makes sure that your worthy crypto-assets are passed to the next of your kin.

About the Product

How Crypto Inheritance Works

Key Assure​

Key Assure​

Key Assure​

Key Assure​

Sign up for Crypto Inheritance and get your cryptocurrency will drafted with your heirs.


Assign nominees to your will contract.

Bitwill reimburses th nominees as per the said contract.

In the event of a mishap, the contract is presented by your heirs.


Secure your crypto assets today.

Our Products

Save your crypto assets

safely for your successors.

Key Assure​

Allows you to recover their cryptocurrency holdings if you lose the private key 


Your private key is only yours.

Bitwill does not store your private key, yet recovers your money in case of a mishappening.

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