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Retrieve Your Private Keys with Key Assure

Key Assure allows user to recover their cryptocurrency holdings if they have lost their keys or in the event of unwilful access of their accounts by brute force.

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What if Private key is lost?

Once a private key for your crypto wallets or accounts is lost, there is no way to get it back. If you forget it, or it gets compromised for some reason, one should reasonably understand that they would not be able retrieve their coins without having the exact private key. 

We got your back

With Bitwill, we can help avoid such a risky situation. Once your Key Assure with Bitwill is active, you need not worry anymore about your private key getting lost or compromised, regardless. Report an incident with us and our trust-free systems will work towards getting your private key back. In this process, Bitwill does not know your private key at any stage.


How it Works


The first step to avoid losing your private key forever is to register your account or wallet with Bitwill's system.

Register with Bitwill Key Assure





Report an incident with Bitwill

In case of a mishap or compromise of your private key, you are required to report an incident of private key loss with Bitwill's support team.


Key Assure helps with key recovery

Our Key Assure systems will start running and work towards recovery of your most important asset - your private key. 



Get back control of your private key

This happens on an anonymous or encrypted basis, so Bitwill never knows your private key, ever.

Quadriga CX cannot retrieve about C$ 190

Our Products

Save your crypto assets

safely for your successors.

Crypto Inheritance

Insure your crypto assets from misfortunes in the most secure way, that is, without sharing your private key.


Secure your crypto today.

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